LifeRing Clients


Desktop with LifeRing

For more stationary environments

PC LifeRing is designed for more stationary environments such as a Tactical Operations Center, home, office, or RV. Whether in the car or in the field, LifeRing can also run on a Windows Tablet.

The Windows version is great for any user who prefers to use a mouse and keyboard.


Android LifeRing

For better mobility

Android LifeRing is a mobile command and control center in your hands. LifeRing software is designed to run on commercial off the shelf Android Mobile devices.

The Android version of LifeRing is perfect for any user who is on the go moving from place to place.


Three Android Smartphones with LifeRing

New!   iPhone LifeRing

iPhone with LifeRing

For better mobility

iPhone LifeRing is still currently in beta testing mode.


LifeRing has the ability to interface with Google Maps and Google Earth to allow ancillary participants to view the LifeRing COP.