First Responders

LifeRing Bridges the Gap for First Responders

The First Responders (Fire Departments, Police, EMS) version is customized with the appropriate symbology and other features. These symbols can be customized for groups that have their own standard symbols.

Ambulance Symbol EMS Symbol BC Symbol Coast Guard Symbol

LifeRing bridges the gap by:

  • Providing a Common Operational Picture
  • Coordinating Disparate Systems
  • PTT Capability
  • WhiteBoards
  • Streaming Video
  • Customized to hit the ground running when you do!

In situations where every second counts, a First Responder using LifeRing can mark an area of emergency on a map, send a report on what supplies are needed, use Push To Talk to let everyone know by voice what is going on in the area, diagram the area with WhiteBoard, and stream video while other responders are on the way.

Fire Responders