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LifeRing is compatible with many countries datalink interface standards. LifeRing comes preloaded with MIL-STD-2525 symbols. Changes in symboligy can be performed to meet other countries requirements. LifeRing also interfaces with most military Command and Control Systems (GCCS, C2PC, FBCB2, JCR, Etc.) and is able to use Cellular, Military Radio, MANET, Satellites in any combination.

Graph of tested networks

Military Significance

  • Enables Commands to easily eastblish Data, Voice, and Video Networks
  • Issues Emergency Alerts
  • Enter Friendly, Hostile, and Unknown Symbols by touching the map
  • Attach Text and Photos to Map Symbols
  • WhiteBoard Function Shared by ALL on the Network
  • Text and Photo Messages Addressed by Touching Symbols
  • PTT by Touching Symbols
  • Video from Smartphone Cameras Seen by ALL on the Network
  • Geo-Fence feature allows for immediate notification when personell enter or exit designated areas.
  • Commands can be issued that MUST be acknowledged using HAVECO (Have Complied), WILLCO (Will Comply) , and CANTCO (Can't Comply)
  • Standardized reports provide detailed situational awareness to ALL participants on the LifeRing network
  • Over 80 different map types are supported