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LifeRing is made with the end user in mind

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The key personnel at Advanced Ground Information Systems, Inc. (AGIS) have worked together for many years creating military communications systems that provided data interoperability between dissimilar systems. We are a veteran owned business.

After 9/11, we realized that many lives were lost as a result of a lack of communication. Since almost everyone has a cell phone, we began to develop a way to use them to provide First Responders and others the voice and data communications necessary to effectively accomplish their missions.

Reached an inflection point

We realized that because of their CPU and display, PDA cell phones had reached an inflection point where the hardware and the built-in software could be enhanced to provide the communications capabilities needed for effective real time mobile collaboration.

We made it happen with LifeRing

The LifeRing Software is Versatile. It enables Windows PC, Android Tablet, and Android Smartphone users to easily establish ad hoc Common Operational Picture (COP) networks in response to situations where many people need to coordinate and collaborate with many others. The LifeRing user software exchanges location and status information, imports and processes intelligence data, imports and processes external data, and displays the appropriate symbols on a map to Command, Control, Communicate and Collaborate.

LifeRing Software

LifeRing enables a cell phone along with a GPS to provide the identity, location, and status of each user to all other users. Each user can enter geo-referenced points (meet me here, accident, possible threat, etc.) and accept geo-referenced inputs from each of the other users by simply touching the appropriate map location displayed on the screen. Text messages, photographs and video clips are exchanged in a similar manner.

Capability to place voice calls

For voice communications, LifeRing utilizes PTT. With LifeRing PTT, it does not matter what network a user has or the type of connection they utilize, all users can PTT together. LifeRing also allows users to place cellular calls between users without needing to know the other users phone number.

LifeRing Video Streaming

Video Streaming is available in real time. Streaming allows members to tap into a LifeRing Participant's video feed to see what is happening at the participant's location. One user can stream and every other user can view the stream at the same time. Also, multiple users can stream at the same time.